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How to stay safe online!

Posted by DeadPatch on 2017-03-19 00:18:32

Staying Safe in 2017

I am DeadPatch. I'm going to be talking to you about staying safe online!

[!] I will be leaving links for you guys to use/download! (Follow the orders they are in.)

Main OS's:

I use Linux because it's open source and you don't get spied on by the police/attackers. But if the OS and your network is comprised by malware, exploits etc. Then that's a different story.

Virtual Machines:

When you get your OS running, the first thing you want to do is get yourself a VirtualMachine. The reason why is because if your computer/ laptop get's attacked and you have a VM. The attacker is going to end up on your VM not your main system. They could bypass the VM which is possible but unlikely.


You all should know why you need this. There is more options to use. Plus use the highest encryption they got. Also keep a backup of they keys on a USB or CD. So if your system get messed up or something bad happens to your encryption process, you still have those keys.

Operating System's

These are OS's you can download to your VM. Better and safer to use inside a VM anyways.


Anti-Virus you should get. Do not listen to windows talking about "You don't need a Anti-virus for your pc, you have windows defender".... Yeah right windows! your Anti-virus only picks up 43.0 percent of malware, trojans, exploits, and don't even bring up the ransomware's. So Please find a good one to use.


There are other firewalls to use. But you can use this one if you like. Also if you use a firewall and a Anti-virus as a firewall install in it. Do not use a 3-party firewall. It's going to mess up the Anti-virus. You can try to disable the Anti-virus if you like.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN's):

Always use a VPN on your computer. This hides your real Ip address so attackers can get your real location or try to hack that IP address. You can get free VPN's but remember "you are the product". And the websites can be hacked. So I won't rely on them so much. What I would do is set up my VPS. Which is different from VPN.


[!] This is pretty much the same as a VPN.

MAC address:

!- Just change your Mac address. -!

sudo ip link set dev wlan0 down
sudo ip link set dev wlan0 addr 1a:2b:3c:4d:5e:6f
sudo ip link set dev wlan0 up

Browser/Search engines:

You need to be careful which Search engine you use. Google likes to track you and sell/use your meta data. You do not want that. So I would use Get a encrypted browser. I really would not get Tor anymore. Because they are always the ones who are being the most targeted by police if you are trying to stay hidden. DO NOT USE WINDOWS ON TOR. Windows it's self is the most targeted OS in the world because it's the most used. So just don't. Always use VM no matter what for anything.


Emails you need to use with encryption. If you do not use it with it. Say good bye to your emails. Protonmail is a really good one to use. But like always there is others you can use. Use the most encryption you can get! Plus use "Dump emails". Meaning you sign up to something and you just throw it away after.


Basic stuff here. If you are signing up for a website and they have HTTP.... Do not sign up for it. It's not encrypted. HTTPS you can sign up for. There is a plugin you can get called "HTTPS Everywhere" This always makes a website that has HTTP into HTTPS. Which is of course safer.


This is for calling. If you do not want any getting your real number. I would use VOIP. It's a safe way not to be tracked. OTR is the same, but with messages. If you do not feel you want to just use a basic app to talk your buddy. Use these two!

Internet Relay Chat:

This is just like OTR. Messaging with others on a server. People who are being tracked for some reason would use this to talk to people they should not be! Just make sure the other people/person will not log the messages.


Always have these. But when you get them encrypt them. EASY!!!

Virtual Private Servers:

VPS's are useful for a number of reasons. Some of which being the fact you can host such services like Web Servers, Proxy Servers, Tor Hidden Services, Virtual Private Network's, Media Servers, etc.. These are good for programmers, developers, security enthusiasts, and many more.

HOME Connection:

Don't be a moron. And Use/Do anything illegal or have servers on your home wifi. you are going to regret it. I mean it. Not joking. If you are to lazy to go to a shop. Get yourself a Raspberry PI. Get a VPS, put it on the PI. Go to a shop, set it up, hide it, then go home. SSH into the PI and start use the PI that will be using the shops connection. Who ever is trying to find you is going to end up at the shop/wherever.


What is this? Well. This is like being a ghost. Meaning Never use the same handle for anything. If you use "KingHacker". After you attack something.... ((Which I am not saying to do or telling you to do)) Never use that same handle. Next time use "GoldenGhost". This will make it harder for feds/researchers to track you and report you. This is a simple way to stay out of the spot light. I see this is the biggest mistake hackers use.


If you are not a smart person. And the police are after you.... You screwed yourself. Just leave the country and go to Russia. Also get rid of your shit.

[!] Well That's it folks. If I left anything out please tell me, I will put it in. Peace.

From: DeadPatch!

To: You

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