Data Breaches

What I think about them?

Posted by DeadPatch on 2017-03-27 00:57:50

So it's 2017 and data breaches are still happening. *Not surprising. We should have more security in our pages, servers, etc. But why are we not pushing that forward? Security company's are always telling us the same things over and over again... "Always have a strong password, use 2FA, change passwords". Yes we get it. But they have been saying that sense the Internet was a becoming big. Yes we have gotten better over the years. But I think we need more options to adapt with these hackers. By the way. Whoever still uses the security questions should throw away their website. It will be helpful to update, change, and make new tool, scripts, programs. or any type of feature for keeping our data safe.

Take for example. Yahoo! They had a data breach. The biggest in the world! So far. But what did they do wrong? They did not tell the users about it. It took them years to finally tell the users about the hack. If they would just call the FBI and tell the users to change and update their security many people would not have gotten infected by this. What I am saying is if you own a website with data on it, and you get hacked you need to call the police and investigate it. AND TELL YOUR USERS!!