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Information Gathering Masscan

super fast scanner

Information Gathering SN1PER

Testing Tool

URLSnarf – Tool used to capture website links

links that your friend looking Online

Dragon Quote

Some cool ASCII art

ARP Poison Attack Script


Web Application Vulnerability Testing


Port Scan Attack Detector


Reverse Engineering Tool


Trojan source code leak

poised to spur new online banking attacks

Leading Linux distros dawdle

as kernel flaw persists

Extensible MITM Framework: Bettercap


Secure & Encrypted DNS

How to Encrypted DNS

Data Breaches

What I think about them?

Dishwasher has directory traversal bug

Internet of things security slackers



Possible credential attack vectors

and ways to prevent credential based attacks

Malicious payload

Evasion Techniques

A Penetration Testing Checklist For Linux Machine

Intrusion Discovery


What should you use to hide your internet browsing

Are you using your browser's autofill?

You could be leaking your password to hackers

Overview of iOS 10 Security

PDF) #apple #ios #iphone #security

Network Engineers Toolkit

Our NEToolkit is in the making

Planting a Hidden System

Quick guide to planting a hidden system elsewhere

Security 2017

How to stay safe online!

Setup a Tor Hidden Service

Detailed tutorial on creating your hidden service